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Browsing S3 buckets

The ICE Connect S3 Browser allows you to manage files and folders directly in the web browser. It supports uploading, downloading, deleting, and renaming files and folders.


Click the dropdown in the Actions column for the chosen bucket and choose the button Browse bucket. A new window will be opened in the browser.

Start browser

The browser functions as a normal file-handling client, with a toolbar, address bar, and search field. By clicking a folder you will display the contents of the folder. Click the up arrow ... to go back to the parent folder.

The Search field will filter the current folder contents by name.

General tools

The left toolbar section contains general tools. Hover the mouse pointer over a button to describe the action.

Upload files - Upload multiple files to the bucket

Create folder - Create a new folder

Refresh - Reload the current folder contents

General Tools

Selection tools

The right section of the toolbar contains tools for selecting files and folders. The buttons will be disabled until a file or folder is selected by clicking the select box next to the item.

Delete selected files - This will delete all the selected files/folders

Download selected files - This will download all the selected files and the files in a selected folder

Rename selected file - This will show a dialog for renaming the selected file. If multiple files are selected, only the first file will be renamed.

Selection tools

File transfers

Download a file by clicking the filename. Download multiple files and folders by selecting them and clicking the button Download selected files in the toolbar.

During download and upload, progress meters are shown for each file. To cancel, click the red cross next to the item.

By clicking the header of the upload or download section, you can minimize it. When the actions are complete, the sections will disappear.

Uploading and downloading