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S3 Storage

ICE S3 Storage is an object storage cloud service powered by Ceph. It is accessed through the Ceph Object Gateway S3 API which is compatible with Amazon S3. The endpoint service URL is

Object storage is commonly used for storing objects like videos and photos, or other unstructured data which is written once and accessed many times.

Storage buckets

S3 buckets are similar to file folders that store objects consisting of data and its descriptive metadata.

Access keys

Access to stored data is managed through key pairs Access Key and Secret Key. Different key pairs can be created for exclusive read- or write access. You can configure which keys have access to which buckets using policies.

Public file sharing

Buckets can also be publicly shared with anonymous web users using policies, for example:

When used in combination with the client s3fs, your public bucket can be mounted as a local file system for easy file sharing.