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Scenario: Run a Windows 10 instance

This scenario is for running a Windows 10 instance that is connected to the internal network.

Deploy the instance

In this scenario, the Windows 10 Pro template is used. You need to have Show all selected in the group selection to see it.

  1. Navigate to Instances ➡ VMs in the menu and click on the button to create the VM.
  2. Select the template Windows 10 Pro (ice-internal).
  3. Optionally, fill in a VM name, which defaults to the template name followed by the ID.
  4. Optionally, adjust the capacity in terms of Memory and Physical CPU. Keep Virtual CPU at 32.
  5. Click Next and fill in a Password for admin login.
  6. Click Next and configure any advanced options.
  7. Click Finish to deploy.

CPU topology

Since Windows 10 Pro supports a maximum of two sockets the virtual CPU topology in the standard template is set to two sockets with 16 cores resulting in 32 threads. The number of virtual CPUs must match the CPU topology which gives a total of 32 virtual CPUs. The true performance of your VMs will however depend on the physical CPU resources allocated.

Create Windows template

You can create a new template according to your needs by following this guide:

How to create a Windows 10 VM template

Access via VNC

Use the VNC console in the OpenNebula web interface to connect to the instance. Login with the Admin user using the password configured during the installation.


The Windows instance is inactive and requires a license for activation, similar to a physical computer. Unactivated use is possible, but personalization is disabled and a watermark will appear.