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Build your cloud and edge-spanning virtual infrastructure using IaaS powered by OpenNebula.

Getting started

Access the web interface

OpenNebula comes with two web interfaces and both are available through the ICE Connect portal. Sunstone is the legacy interface and is meant for more advanced usage while FireEdge, which is the new-generation interface, is more straightforward.

Select project (group)

The projects in ICE Connect are represented as groups in OpenNebula. A user can belong to one or more projects that share access to specific resources within the system.

If you belong to more than one project, make sure that you are working on the desired project by switching groups in the header menu. Under normal operation, it is recommended not to have Show all selected to only see the resources belonging to the project. Re-select the group to disable show all.

Global templates

To see the global templates you will need to have Show all selected.

Configure SSH public key

Before deploying any VMs you should provide a SSH public key so that it can be included in the VMs created. This way you will have access through SSH, assuming the VM guest is contextualized.

Go to Settings and enter a public key to Public SSH Key. This key is then added by OpenNebula to the authorized_keys file on all nodes. You can use your default SSH key, but if you want to share access with your team you can generate a new key.

  • In Linux, you will find the default key in your ~/.ssh/ folder. Look for a file with a .pub extension.
  • In Windows, if you are using PuTTY, you can use PuTTYgen.exe to generate new keys or convert an existing key.

Example scenarios