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ICE Connect

ICE Connect is a web portal providing single sign-on access to a growing number of services running in the RISE ICE data center.


Experimental Compute Cloud (ECC) Experimental Kubernetes Cluster (EKC) S3 Storage OpenNebula
ecc k8s s3 opennebula
Bare-metal servers and GPU virtual machines Kubernetes containers with GPU access Ceph S3 Object Storage via REST API IaaS powered by OpenNebula
GitLab Harbor Discourse ColonyOS
gitlab harbor discourse colonyos
Free DevOps platform Free container image registry Help and discussion Distributed and parallel computation


Users in ICE Connect are identified by an email address. They can create or join projects.


Users must create a project to access services. The billing form information must include

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Invoice Reference
  • Billing email

All consumed resources are bound to the project. After the project form is submitted, it needs to be activated by an administrator, after which a notification email will be sent to the owner.


Users can either be project owners or project members. Project owners can invite other users as members. Members will then get access to the project resources. Only owners can create new S3 storage buckets.


Quota is a limitation of how many resources (CPU, memory, storage, public IPs, ...) a project may consume. It is set by the system administrator. If you need higher quotas, please contact support.