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Harbor Container Image Registry

ICE Connect users have access to a container registry powered by Harbor which is available here

Harbor allows you to host your container images for Kubernetes and Docker/Podman using a web interface. The service is free for all ICE users.

Docker Hub rate-limiting

Docker Hub enforces rate limits on container pulls based on individual IP addresses. For anonymous users, the rate limit is set to 100 pulls per 6 hours per IP address. For authenticated users, it is 200 pulls per 6-hour period.

This will not affect containers in ICE Kubernetes because it uses a local pull-through cache. However, if you run Docker in your VMs and have problems, we suggest that you log in to your account before pulling images. By doing that you get 200 pulls every 6 hours because we all use the same source IP.

ICE Docker Hub pull-through cache

You can use the ICE pull-through cache by configuring your environment to use the following URL:

If your container runtime is docker it is done by creating the following configuration file and then restarting docker.

    "registry-mirrors": [""] 

GitLab Container Registry

You can also use the GitLab Container Registry to host your images. This allows you to automatically build and push images from your CI/CD pipelines.