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Suspending and resuming

You can temporarily suspend apps and other workloads by scaling them down. This is useful for cost saving when you do not need to run a workload for a while.

Resources such as CPU, GPU and memory are released when you suspend a workload, which means you are not billed for them. Persistent storage is not affected.

You can resume the workload at any time.

Suspending a workload

  1. Select the project or namespace in Rancher's top dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Workloads in the left menu.
  3. Find the row with the workload you want to suspend.
  4. In the health column, click on the green bar.
  5. Click on the minus sign - to scale down the workload to 0.

Image showing how to suspend a workload by scaling it down to 0

The green bar will turn red, then grey, indicating that the workload is suspended.

Resuming a workload

Simply scale up the workload again by clicking on the plus sign +.

Resources will be allocated to the workload and it will start running again.