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Connecting to ECC

Connecting to the servers on ECC.

Linux ECC servers

Secure Shell (SSH) can be used to connect to Linux servers. The following applies to servers running Linux.


Change permissions on your Private Key file (only needs to be done once)

chmod 400 private-ssh-key.pem

Connect to your server

ssh -i private-ssh-key.pem -p [SSH Port] [SSH User]@[SSH IP]


Windows users can connect over SSH using PuTTY. First, your Private Key must be converted to another format (only needs to be done once).

  1. Download and install the PuTTY MSI (Windows Installer).
  2. Open PuTTYgen, click Load and choose private-ssh-key.pem.
  3. Click Save private key, and save as e.g. putty-key.ppk.
  4. Right-click on putty-key.ppk and choose Load into Pageant.

The key will be automatically loaded into memory. You can now connect.

  1. Open PuTTY and set this in the Category: Session
    • Host Name: [SSH User]@[SSH IP]
    • Port: [SSH Port]
    • Connection type: SSH
  2. Save your PuTTY session and click Open!