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Experimental Compute Cloud (ECC)

ECC is a platform that can deploy and manage virtual machines, storage volumes, and bare-metal servers. It is available through the ICE Connect portal:

Only project owners can create and delete servers on ECC.

Virtual machines

Virtual machines (VMs) are emulated computer systems that provide the functionality of a physical computer. VMs of different sizes are provided through OpenStack. Available operating systems are CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows Server.

Bare-metal servers

Bare-metal servers (BMs) are physical servers that are not shared between customers. They are provided through MAAS, a cloud-style automatic provisioning platform led by Canonical. The operating system is Ubuntu.

Block storage

Persistent replicated block storage volumes can be used with the VMs. Volumes can be moved from one VM to another without losing data.

Public IP

SSH access using port forwarding (RDP for Windows) is included when renting a VM or BM server. Public IP addresses can be attached to servers, which will expose all ports to the Internet.

Network topology

This network map shows servers for two different users (User 1 and User 2) owning both VMs and BMs.

ecc network